Apple cars could come with Sunroof Technology with user control Transparency.

The rumoured Apple Car has been in development for years now but there is still no concrete information from the company or sources. In yet another news, a new patent by Apple has hinted towards another one of the features of the anticipated car. The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a new patent to Apple which appears to be a sunroof technology for the upcoming electric car from the company. The patent is for a system that lets drivers adjust how transparent the roof is. Which will help alter the amount of natural light that comes in depending on the weather and conditions outside. The technology also allows the sunroof to open in tandem with the car’s side windows. 

Apple cars could come with Sunroof Technology with user control Transparency.

Could we see the Apple Car soon?

The patent document also shows various drawings of what appears to be a car’s roof. The diagrams indicate how the sunroof would move and showcase the mechanism within the sunroof. Further, an abstract in the patent application reads: “a vehicle includes a roof, an opening in the roof, and a window that is located forward from the opening.” The Apple Car has been highly anticipated and speculated since rumours started flying about its production. The rumours claim the car will be completely autonomous, with a hands-off experience complete with an infotainment system that can integrate into Apple’s existing suite of services.

It is also expected to feature LED screens all over the vehicle to regulate the other drivers what the self-driving car is doing. The display will update information, the speed of the car and other messages via graphics and video mode. It is speculated that the car will use a  “C1” chip based on the A12 Bionic processor with in-cabin AI capabilities such as eye-tracking. It will be a long time before we hear official news about the much-anticipated car from the company itself. fIf rumours are to be believed the electric car is said to debut in 2025. 

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