10 Tips For Playing Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World is an incredibly popular game on Nintendo Switch set within the Mario shared universe. It’s colorful, vibrant and truly puts the focus on its titular character, who is so often overlooked in Nintendo titles. It takes advantage of the next-gen technology available within the console and is already considered to be a classic platformer on the system.

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There are plenty of tips and tricks which will help newcomers get the most out of the game. From what players should be looking out for throughout a level, how to flip a track, or perhaps even the best way to switch up the look of the character, these Yoshi Crafted World facts will initiate new fans.

10 Co-Op Versus Solo

Yoshi riding the train in Yoshi's Crafted World

Like so many other Nintendo Switch games, this is a perfect title for the family to get involved with. While it does work as a solo campaign and is still just as fun, there’s something to sharing this whimsical experience with someone else. What’s more, it actually brings its own benefits.

By jumping on the other player’s back, Yoshi is gifted with unlimited eggs to throw at obstacles. This is so useful especially for discovering secrets across the map. The only downside is that players can accidentally eat the other Yoshis, stealing all of their possessions from them and potentially causing some arguments!

9 Collecting Eggs

Collecting eggs is one of the most crucial things a player can do to guarantee success. The more eggs thrown the more likely a player is to find various coins and other goodies to collect. But eggs aren’t always easy to come by. There are a few ways to collect them.

Eating enemies is a great way to produce some eggs. Although some antagonists are impossible to attack in this way, others will ensure the player has more than one egg at a time. In other areas, there are boxes to drain of eggs and even flowers that create them. Always make sure to get every available egg so that they last as long as possible.


8 Flying Higher

Yoshi is able to glide and fly across the map. It’s a really useful tool in order to explore the full size of the map and is usually required in some capacity to complete a level. Players need to get comfortable getting airborne, but there is a unique way to make the most of the skill.

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Pressing the fly button and holding it will keep Yoshi in one specific place. Often players will therefore jump off objects to give an initial boost. But Yoshi can fly even further by taking a finger off of the button then holding it quickly again, moving the character higher inch by inch.

7 Look In The Background

It’s easy to get distracted by all of the chaos usually taking place in these excellent platformers on the Nintendo Switch. But players should really make sure they are paying attention to anything going on in the background. There are all sorts of shenanigans happening that a few well-placed eggs could take advantage of, potentially earning the player rewards.

Sometimes there are specific tasks that players can pick up which means that they have to explore a level again in order to discover a specific shape in the background of a scene. Throwing an egg at these will collect them and give bonus points, thus completing the mission.

6 Taking Advantage Of An Ally

Poochy Pups are a massive element within this fantastic Yoshi game and it’s an exciting moment when the player first unlocks these loveable pets. But players can actually use them to their advantage when they are running alongside Yoshi in a level.

By moving the Joy-Con stick in a certain direction, the Pup will run the same way. Players can also jump on their backs to speed across the map, but these Pups have the unique ability to smash through enemies and other breakable objects whether they are carrying a Yoshi or not.

5 Flipping The Track

Every single level on Yoshi’s Crafted World can actually be flipped to give a completely different experience. These swapped maps usually involved the player searching for missing Poochy Pups, which are hidden behind various obstacles.

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The interesting thing about flipping the maps is that they really give a vitally different perspective for players. What they would have once seen in the background is now an element that they have to interact with, which really helps to vary the gameplay.

4 Costumes

Costumes in Yoshis Crafted World

Yoshi and his companions have a range of costumes available to wear in levels. As players collect coins they can cash them in on bubblegum vending machines. The machine will produce an egg that opens to reveal a brand new attire.

They can be worn at any level, but racking up too much damage will result in the costume breaking. Regardless, even after they are destroyed they can be re-adorned in successive levels. Different eggs represent different rarities. Some costumes are incredibly difficult to come by.

3 Lives, Flowers, And Coins

Gameplay in Yoshis Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World appears to be a calm and simple platformer that players of any age can have fun with. But for those who want to try and 100% the title, this Nintendo Switch game might actually be more complex than it would appear.

To achieve every award on a map, the player has to get to the end with all of their lives, collect every red coin, and find every sunflower. It’s vital that players go back through a level to collect everything as it’s usually very unlikely to manage it in the first run-through. The game notes which items have already been collected when returning to a map.

2 Checking The Environment

A Flower in Yoshis Crafted World

The environment can always allow for further secrets to be unveiled. A level of this Yoshi game can be completely unpredictable. Some items that a player will land on might be indestructible while others might launch them high into the sky. Moving through any map can be a complete puzzle.

The tip here is to be cautious. There are plenty of lives available so there’s no problem with trialing out a tactic before moving through to a different idea. Players should always try to check out the environment as they go rather than racing through!

1 Timed Events

Timed events in Yoshis Crafted World

Clouds are a familiar aspect of Yoshi’s Crafted World and throwing an egg at them will often result in various prizes raining down. But sometimes there are clouds that contain a clock, warning players that a timed event is about to take place!

These timed events will often hold sunflowers and so they are really important to get right. Every one is different and it’s not always about accurately launching projectiles. Players get one shot at these, which is why replaying a level can be so useful. When finding one of these, act quickly, load up with eggs beforehand and pay attention to what’s unfolding!

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