10 Queens Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

The drama series Queens is an exciting and emotionally rich show that focuses on the members of one of hip hop’s most successful and influential girl groups as they seek to reignite their careers in the present. Throughout its run, the series took many twists and turns, allowing these women–and the other characters–to grow and change, not always for the better.

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As a result, the various men and women that are at the center of the drama show varying levels of intelligence as they contend with the challenges and promises of the music industry.

10 Jeff

Jeff looking serious in Queens

Jeff is the husband of Brianna and the father of her children. He’s clearly a very intelligent man, someone who has built a career for himself and also seeks to be the best that he can for his family.

Unfortunately, he also lacks the sort of intelligence that would keep him from having an affair with another woman, even though he knows that doing so will devastate his wife and children. Ultimately, he shows that he isn’t the man that Brianna thought he was, even though his death leaves her devastated.

9 Jill

Jill at confession in Queens

There have been many fascinating LGBTQ+ characters in recent television, and Jill will surely come to be seen as one of them. When the series begins, she’s had to lead a double life, and her ability to keep her sexuality a secret indicates a certain cunning mind.

Unfortunately, she leaves most of her intelligence, particularly the emotional kind, behind her once she comes out to the public, as she repeatedly shows that she can’t see how much damage she’s doing, both to herself and those that love her.


8 Darren

Darren talking to Kill in Queens

When the series begins, Jill is married to Darren, who is an esteemed member of their church. While he’s clearly a good man who loves his wife, he seems to lack the sort of perceptiveness that would have allowed him to see that all wasn’t as well in his marriage as he would have liked to believe.

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Though he’s smart enough when it comes to issues of faith, he ultimately lacks the emotional insight to be able to accept that Jill doesn’t love him anymore and doesn’t want to stay married, and this leads him to commit horrible acts of violence.

7 Valeria

Valeria looking to the side in Queens

Though she can sometimes appear vapid to those who don’t know her well, there is a depth and complexity to Valeria that goes unrecognized by most.

Though she lacks the vocal talent of her fellow band members, she nevertheless has shown time and again that she knows how to build success on her own terms. She sees what she wants out of life, and she has the practical sort of mind that allows her to get it, no matter the cost.

6 Lauren

Lauren looking seriously at someone in Queens

Part of what makes this series so fun to watch is its extraordinary soundtrack, and Lil Muffin’s music, strange as it can be at times, is a key part of that.

Like many other artists, she has had to claw her way to the top on her own terms, demonstrating that she has the sort of intellect that anyone needs who wants to establish a successful career in the cutthroat world of music. Though she stumbles sometimes, she also has a keen understanding of what kind of music manages to capture the public interest.

5 Eric

Eric talking to someone in QUeens

Another key ingredient of any successful series is a good secondary character, and Eric definitely fits the bill. As the group’s manager, he remains very invested in the group’s success, and he knows the ins and outs of the music business to such an extent that he knows how to guide them so that they achieve what they want to in terms of success.

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What’s more, he is also a deeply honorable person, someone who is willing to put his own well-being on the line to help others.

4 Tina

Jill and Tina talking in Queens

At first, it seems like Tina and Jill will be likely to join the ranks of the many great LGBTQ+ couples that have graced television. Unfortunately, Jill soon shows her true colors and starts cheating on Tina.

The latter, however, has a unique form of emotional intelligence that allows her to respond in a measured way to the betrayal. Ultimately, she is also intelligent enough to see the ugly reality that Jill isn’t the good person that she thought she was and that, in fact, she is something of a user.

3 JoJo

Jojo standing against a wall in Queens

Even though she is mostly a secondary character, Naomi’s daughter JoJo quickly shows that she has her mother’s formidable skills at music. This allows her to take certain kinds of risks that even her mother might not necessarily engage in. Just as importantly, however, she also shows that she has an emotional intelligence that is all her own, which is what allows her to put aside her bitterness toward her mother and accept her efforts to repair their damaged relationship.

As a result, Queens is another series that showcases the powerful relationships that exist between mothers and their daughters.

2 Naomi

Naomi singing in Queens

In the role of Naomi, Brandy shows how powerful it can be when a pop star transitions to either movies or television. Naomi is fiercely intelligent, protective of both her own integrity as an artist and also committed to the success of the group (when it doesn’t conflict with her own desires).

Of the four members of the group, she’s the one that seems to have the firmest hold on what makes good music, which makes her quite a force to be reckoned with.

1 Brianna

Brianna looking skeptical in Queens

Of the four women, Brianna is the one that seems to have her life most together, with a husband and children and a life that she seems to enjoy. However, she also has to endure more than almost all of them, given that her husband cheats on her and then dies of cancer before they can fully reconcile.

Time and again, she shows that she has a powerful intelligence–both emotional and intellectual–that allows her to not just weather the storms that come her way but also emerge triumphant each and every time.

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