10 Best Shows Like Peacemaker

In the spin-off series of The Suicide Squad, James Gunn continues to explore the craziest corners of the DCEU with Peacemaker. It makes for a hilarious, violent, and wild superhero story that also packs a surprising emotional punch at times and a compelling story of redemption at its center.

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While the show has recently been renewed for a second season, fans will have a long wait until it returns. In the meantime, there are plenty of other great shows that fans might want to check out. From other stories set in the superhero world to ones that share similar themes, Peacemaker fans should love these series.

10 The Punisher (2017-2019)

Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle in The Punisher

While other DCEU characters like Batman make crime-fighting seem heroic, Peacemaker explores the idea of vigilantes being somewhere between heroes and villains. The titular character is a violent killer who sees himself as a hero which in turn justifies his brutality in his mind.

While The Punisher is often seen as an anti-hero in the Marvel universe, the Netflix series starring Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle made him a complicated figure. His ruthlessness in dealing with bad guys was often frightening and the show explored his trauma, similar to Peacemaker delving into the troubled past of its main character.

9 Eastbound And Down (2009-2013)

Danny McBride as Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down

Peacemaker is certainly not a protagonist that is easy to like. He is vulgar, self-centered, and seems to always say the wrong thing. But there is something fun about watching such an unlikable character make such a fool of himself even as the audience subtly roots for him.

This is a similar strength in the wild HBO comedy series, Eastbound and Down. It follows former baseball superstar Kenny Powers whose ego and recklessness made him a has-been, yet he is the only one who fails to recognize his own downfall.


8 Happy! (2017-2019)

Christopher Meloni in Happy! SYFY

As with many of James Gunn’s work, the show is never afraid to embrace the weirdness of its story. The stylized violence is particularly entertaining as it is often filled with a good deal of cartoonish energy and a dark sense of humor.

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This is a trait shared by the underrated series Happy!, based on the graphic novel by Grant Morrison. Christopher Meloni plays an ex-cop-turned hitman whose near-death experience causes him to see a unicorn imaginary friend. Despite the whimsical title character, Happy! is a graphic and outrageous ride.

7 Preacher (2018-2019)

Cassidy, Jesse and Tulip in bed in Preacher

While Peacemaker himself is an entertaining enough character, a lot of the charm of the show comes from the team of misfits that is formed. Though these oddball and eccentric people are forced together to save the world, it is a lot of fun seeing them form a bond over time.

There is a similar energy to the ultraviolent comic book adaptation of Preacher. Dominic Cooper stars as a small-town preacher who is suddenly imbued with godlike abilities. Along with a hard-partying vampire and his ex-girlfriend, these unexpected heroes set out to save the world.

6 Doom Patrol (2019-)

poster for Doom Patrol featuring Robotman, Cyborg, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, Crazy Jane and Chief

As it turns out, Peacemaker was not the first series to focus on some obscure DC outcast characters in a violent and wild story. Doom Patrol tells the story of a scientist who brings together a group of strange superpowered beings to protect the world from otherworldly occurrences.

While the band of outcasts make up a funny team with a lot of charm, the show also embraces the brutal violence and dark humor in a way that feels similar to Gunn’s work.

5 Invincible (2021-)

Omniman talking to Mark in Invincible

There are many storylines within the show that make it far more than just a typical superhero story. One of the central ones revolves around Peacemaker’s traumatic relationship with his father, a man who trained him to be a killer while also showing his hatred for the boy.

Though a cartoon, Invincible is a similarly bloody and brutal superhero story about a young high schooler who begins to inherit his father’s superpowers. While there is a lot more love in this father and son relationship, it does eventually go to some very dark places.

4 Watchmen (2019)

Regina King as Sister Night in Watchmen

As a DCEU show, Peacemaker is set in a world in which superheroes and costumed crime-fighters are a reality. It makes for an interesting setting for the story that also deals with real-world villainy, like white supremacists.

Watchmen is another series that deals with a world in which heroes like this exist while also grounding it in issues that feel very much a part of the real world. From racism to police corruption, Watchmen proves costumed characters can still make for a brilliant story.

3 Barry (2018-)

Bill Hader as Barry Berkman

Peacemaker very much cemented himself as a villain in The Suicide Squad, so it was a little strange to see the character thrust into the protagonist role in his own show. However, while he can be unlikeable at times, it is also compelling to watch his journey to becoming a better man.

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HBO’s Barry is another series that centers around a trained killer who is not necessarily a good person. However, as he attempts to set a new path for himself, acting in this case, it is easy for the audience to become invested in him seeking redemption.

2 Harley Quinn (2019-)

Harley Quinn with her bat

The DCEU has often been seen as being dark and brooding but Peacemaker has a lot of fun by not taking this world too seriously. It is willing to embrace the ridiculous side of DC characters like Peacemaker and Vigilante while also dropping jokes about many of the other heroes.

Harley Quinn is another exceptional show that brings ultra-violence and an irreverent sense of humor to the DC world. It follows the titular villainess as she deals with her toxic relationship with Joker and makes her own path in life with plenty of DC characters making fun appearances.

1 The Boys (2019-)

Homelander looking proudly at his son Ryan in The Boys

In recent years, with the immense popularity of superhero movies, a trend has emerged of darker superhero stories and Peacemaker fits squarely in that subgenre. While these types of stories can sometimes be seen as appealing to a younger audience, Peacemaker infuses its superhero story with dirty jokes and extreme violence.

The show that perhaps has done this better than any other is The Boys. Based on the comic of the same name, it follows a group of brutal covert operatives who seek to expose the corrupt and murderous nature of the most famous superheroes in the world.

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