10 Best Quotes From Ozark Season 4

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Netflix series Ozark.

The first half of Ozark’s gripping final season has unsurprisingly left fans wanting more, in large part thanks to the incredibly well-written lines that make its riveting scenes possible. With things coming to a head for the Byrde family, the characters’ conversations are becoming more intense than ever before.

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From Navarro’s threats to Darlene’s denial, the best quotes from season 4 punctuate the unforgettable high-pressure situations in the series. As viewers eagerly wait for the finale, it’s the perfect time to look back at some of the most remarkable lines from part 1.


Jonah Byrde:

“Maybe You Need To Get Some Opinions Of Your Own.”

Charlotte and Jonah in the kitchen in Ozark.

Jonah’s personality has changed over the course of the show. He may have been supportive of his parents’ criminal activities at first, but Marty and Wendy cross too many lines and indirectly hurt him more than once. Even his bond with Charlotte is damaged by his shifting views, as he starts to resent his sister for siding with Wendy.

When she confronts him about his impromptu bike ride, he lies and deflects by telling her to “get some opinions” of her own. He thinks she’s becoming as cutthroat as Wendy, and he’s not wrong.

Maya Miller:

“Every Single Drug Lord Who Sleeps Soundly At Night Does So For One Of Two Reasons – Either The US Government Doesn’t Care Enough About Them To Kill Them, Or The US Government Thinks Killing Them Is Inconvenient.”

Special Agent Maya Miller in casino on phone looking concerned in Ozark

Whether people like her or not, Agent Maya does not compromise when it comes to her work. She has an idealistic view of the law, which becomes problematic when she has to make a deal with a wanted drug lord.

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Her stressful conversation with Navarro on his private jet underscores her commitment to making sure he pays for all of his terrible crimes, one way or another. Her line about what “the US government” would require of him partly explains why it’s impossible for her to accept the FBI’s eventual arrangement with the kingpin.

Omar Navarro:

“You Don’t Win Until I Win, Marty. Don’t Forget That.”

As one of the most powerful characters in Ozark, Navarro is in a position to be able to make threats, and he always follows through. He knows that Marty’s fate is inextricably linked with his own and he doesn’t hesitate to remind him that he doesn’t win until he does.

He uses the same threatening twice, with the second time being more memorable than the first. Fans may recall how he places emphasis on the word “until” and points out that it’s very different from Marty’s rephrasing using the word “unless.”

Ruth Langmore:

“God’s A M**********r Isn’t He? Built Me Smart Enough To Know How F****d Up My Life Is, But Not Quite Smart Enough To Haul My A*s Out Of It.”

Ruth and Marty standing by her house in Ozark.

Ever since the Byrdes came into town, Ruth has been trying to find a way to use their power, money, and influence to change her and her family’s situation. She finds that things can get worse as quickly as they improve, though, as even though she goes from managing the Lickety Splitz to the Missouri Belle, she loses her family members along the way.

When she tries to make her own laundering operation with Darlene, she realizes she doesn’t have the know-how to make it all work. It’s a frustrating position to be in as a “cursed Langmore” and she soon encounters the worst consequence yet.

Wendy Byrde:

“I Like Draining One Swamp At A Time.”

Wendy Byrde from Ozark staring ahead, looking blank.

Fans likely didn’t know what to expect when Wendy suggested she should be the one to meet with Agent Maya. Her cool and calm demeanor doesn’t intimidate Maya at all, but Wendy’s clever response to her comment about liking “being a big fish in a small pond” obviously catches Maya off guard.

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Wendy has moved way past the point of seeing political players, criminals, and even sheriffs as “big fish,” as she knows the unbelievable things she’s capable of with the right motivation. The Ozarks are just another stepping stone, another swamp for her to drain before she moves on to the next one.

Darlene Snell:

“My Husband Had A Heart Attack. I Lost My Breath Is All.”

Darlene scowling in Ozark.

Darlene is responsible for some of the most shocking deaths in Ozark and she feels no remorse for her horrific actions. Because of her overconfidence and influence, she knows she can get away with killing anyone, even if it is her own husband.

That said, she likely loses sight of the possibility of her own death. Her heart attack is a painful reminder of her mortality and it stings that Wendy is the one to rub it in. Her line about losing her breath underscores her pride and denial about her diminishing strength.

Javi Elizondo:

“Blood Over Everything.”


The latest antagonist in the series is also arguably its most terrifying one yet. Javi’s role becomes even more frightening when Navarro entrusts him with the cartel, which gives him full control over the Byrdes’ future. In fact, Navarro even tells him that “the Byrdes” are his, which is a quote that prompts a wide grin and an almost heartwarming line about family.

His words – “blood over everything” – are quickly echoed by his uncle. It’s their version of the common saying about blood being thicker than water. In this context, it’s a bit unsettling to think about all the blood Javi is willing to spill for his family.

Nathan Davis:

“You Never Did Understand The World Doesn’t Revolve Around You.”

Nathan Davis sitting on a chair in Ozark.

Fans finally get a glimpse into Wendy’s twisted childhood when her dad is introduced for the first time. It’s implied through their rigid conversation that he wasn’t exactly the best father to her and Ben.

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Nathan still carries a lot of the same harmful views and disturbing aggression several years later, which caused Wendy to leave the family home in the first place. He blames Wendy for Ben’s disappearance by pointing out her selfishness and conceitedness, which is ironic because it’s obvious where she gets those traits from.

Marty Byrde:

“I Mean, You Can’t Throw A Kid Into A Burning Building, Wendy, And Watch Him Running Back Into Your Arms And Pretend It’s Love.”

Wendy looking at Marty in Ozark.

To say that Wendy’s relationship with Jonah has become complicated is an understatement. Jonah can’t stand his mom, who is a heartless criminal in his eyes. Wendy’s attempts at reaching out to him have failed, and she escalates her reactions to his repeated rejection and rebellion in a dramatic fashion.

Marty, who is usually the more passive parent, has enough when Wendy crosses a line by plotting to have Jonah thrown in jail. Her idea of good parenting is rightly compared by Marty to throwing Jonah “into a burning building,” as he’s genuinely confused and appalled by her idea of discipline.

Ruth Langmore:

“If You Want To Stop Me, You’re Gonna Have To F*****g Kill Me!”

ozark season 4 ruth wendy

Perhaps the most chilling part of the series so far has been Ruth’s devastated reaction to Wyatt’s sudden death. When she confronts Marty and Wendy about it, she doesn’t get a clear answer about who is responsible, that is until Jonah reveals Javi’s name.

No stern warning from Marty and Wendy is enough to stop her from taking her rifle and exacting revenge on the drug lord. Her rage is perfectly captured by her distressing line about Wendy having to kill her if she wants to stop her from hunting down Javi. It’s a haunting scene that will stay with fans long after they’re done watching the episode.

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